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Get expertise in installing, repairing and restoring fences Adelaide wide.


Are you looking for the best in pool fencing Adelaide has to offer? No matter if your pool fence setup is frameless glass, semi frameless or tubular aluminium, or if your pool enclosure is surrounded by colorbond fencing sheets and needs upgrading or replacing, look no further – our teams of professional pool fencing installers are the experts in fences Adelaide home owners just like you can rely on when it comes to the very best in Adelaide pool fencing installation, repairs and replacements.

If you’re one of those lucky people who wakes up every morning with a pool in their backyard, you’ll know how much of an asset it is to your family and the value of your house – but you’ll also know how essential it is that your pool is properly secured and fastened with a strong fence. There are many options in pool fencing Adelaide residents like you can pick from, but what’s fundamentally important is that your pool fence is safe, secure, sturdy and will last the test of time. Our teams of professional fencing contractors can quote jobs to suit all budgets, and take real pride on affordability and doing the job right the first time! Just leave your details in the contact form below to request a free, no-obligation quote and see for yourself.

For anyone who needs the best in pool fencing Adelaide wide, get in touch to work with our teams of experts you can rely on to get your pool fencing installation or replacement job done to perfection. As the fencing contractors Adelaide pool owners can trust with their precious outdoor feature, our crews we work with are experts at supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining all types of pool fencing, including:

  1. Frameless glass pool fencing. It’s the cream of the crop when it comes to glass pool fencing Adelaide wide – frameless glass pool fencing is made from thickened, weather proof glass, and provides uninterrupted views with a classy finish to your outdoor area, whilst also leaving no gaps to ensure an incredibly safe and secure outdoor pool environment.

  2. Semi frameless glass pool fencing. It’s a wonderful option in Adelaide fencing for pool and homeowners as it provides excellent views and makes your outdoor area look amazing, as well as being extremely safe for your friends and family – utilising durable, weather resistant glass panels set into regularly spaced metal framework around your pool area, it's can be up to half as expensive as frameless glass fencing!

  3. Tubular aluminium pool fencing. Experts in fences Adelaide wide will tell you it’s a fraction of the cost of glass, whilst still being a highly safe and secure option. The most long-standing option there is, tubular aluminium pool fencing comes in a wide range of designs, styles, and highly durable powdercoated colours, most typically seen in either hoop fencing or hoop and rail fencing, as well as dedicated pool fencing options that utilise panels made from thin aluminium bars bound by sturdy thickened metal flat tops and bottoms. This includes matching aluminium swing gates with spring loaded closing features, and can also be installed by a professional fencing conractor Adelaide wide.

Get your FREE fencing quote now - leave your details below for a prompt reply.


Whether you’ve already purchased pool fencing and you need it installed, or if you’d like a recommendation made by an expert that will suit your budget and needs, contact us to speak with one of our professional teams of fencing contractor Adelaide pool owners trust to get their ideal pool fencing ready and looking its' best in time for summer. These jobs can be tailored to suit any and all options, and can also be worked in to match and join up with any pre-existing aluminum tubular fencing you may already have installed in the enclosure: it’s all part of our teams' dedication to providing the best services in pool fencing Adelaide has to offer!
If you or your pool needs:


  • 10mm thickened glass panels

  • Custom designed panels to suit specific lengths and widths

  • Stainless steel fence spigots for glass panels
    (e.g. Friction Spigots or Premium Compression)

  • Self closing and latching gates that meet the 1500mm latch compliance

  • Soft close pool gate spring hinges

  • Powder coating to protect from weather and chemicals

  • ‘Tru Close’ self closing hinges or ‘Top Pull Magna Latches,’

  • Customisation between tubular and glass panels

  • Aluminium flat top pool fencing panels in different colours or styles

  • general advice from a pool fencing contractor Adelaide homeowners can trust,

Or any other specifics according to your needs, then call or email through on the details listed below to speak with one of our Adelaide fencing installer teams - they'll be happy to work with you and ensure your pool fencing is 100% what you need it to be. As the experts in Adelaide fencing, our teams of fencing professionals are highly skilled in working with all varieties of pool fences Adelaide home owners need installed or repalced, and will make sure yours is perfect and secure in every way.

For every single job, you'll receive:

  • Open communication to understand your needs

  • A free, no obligation quote on your job

  • Proper planning, assessment and preparation of the tools, materials and strategy to get your job done to perfection

  • Prompt arrival on site, with your job done efficiently and to the highest standard possible

  • Feedback and opportunities to discuss the job's progress, and a clean workspace once the work is done. 

For your free, no-obligation quote on your pool fencing installation, repair or restoration job, contact one of our teams of trusted fencing contractors Adelaide pool owners trust to get their job done to perfection. Simply email through at, call on (08) 7914 8428, or drop your details in the above contact form and a professional fencing contractor will be in touch.

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