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Get expertise in installing, repairing and restoring fences Adelaide wide.


Do you need the toughest and sturdiest retaining walls Adelaide home owners can get? Then you’re in luck: our teams of professional fencing and retaining wall installation contractors that we work with are the experts in both retaining walls and fences Adelaide residents trust when it comes to strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls. But how do you know what makes a good retaining wall? How do you know if you even need one at all? As the experts in retaining walls Adelaide wide, our teams can provide you the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you and your property, and when it comes to building or installing new retaining walls Adelaide residents can be proud of, our teams of experienced professionals in fencing Adelaide teams bring their knowledge and skillsets to each job in providing and installing retaining walls that are as strong and sturdy as can be!

Concrete retaining walls are required for anyone who needs to maintain alternate soil levels in the same place, and separated by a barrier. Our partnered teams are longstanding experts in fences Adelaide residents come to and will also install retaining walls Adelaide wide, and will typically suggest retaining walls as a highly versatile and useful feature for people who have properties situated on sloping or undulating ground, so as to keep your soil from shifting from a higher location to a lower one. Soil can shift and move on sloped ground due to wild weather events or simply from the natural moving of the earth itself, and when it comes to maintaining flat surfaces such as garden areas or lawns, or when building a fence on a slope, a retaining wall can be dug in and installed to provide your fence or outdoor area with a solid, level base that will last the test of time. Perhaps you live or own property on sloped ground, but you want to have a flat yard or surface to build upon, and if so then concrete retaining walls Adelaide residents can rely on will enable you to develop and flatten one section of land, without worrying about the soil wearing or seeping away! Retaining walls Adelaide home owners can rely on aren't tough to find though, but they can be difficult to install and should always be done by professionals - and that's where the teams of experts in retaining walls Adelaide wide that we work with can help you. 

There are many options in retaining walls Adelaide residents can choose from when it comes to developing their property. This includes under fence concrete plinths Adelaide residents can have installed underneath good neighbour Colorbond fencing panels, wooden fences or tubular fences and will ensure your fence stays protected from soil shifting and remain rust free, as well as counteracting uneven or undulating surfaces on your property where fences need to be installed whilst looking sturdy and eye-catching. If you're interested in:

  • Limestone blocks

  • Concrete panel retaining walls

  • Concrete sleeper retaining walls

  • Segmental blocks

  • Moss rock retaining walls

  • Brick and core filled retaining walls

  • Besser blocks made from brick

  • Under fence concrete plinths

  • or just general advice from a retaining wall and fencing contractor Adelaide homeowners can trust,

then leave your contact details below to speak with one of our teams of professional installers of retaining walls Adelaide home and business owners can trust. These above option in retaining walls are all very viable options for those looking at creating a low maintenance, highly effective retaining wall that will prevent erosion from occurring on their property. Our teams of experts provide comprehensive services in fencing Adelaide homes, and that includes retaining walls too - so if you are looking at installing a retaining wall, or need to restore or repair your existing one, then get in touch to contact an experts in retaining walls Adelaide residents trust and get a free quote sorted for your job.

Get your FREE fencing quote now - leave your details below for a prompt reply.


Retaining walls Adelaide home owners typically have installed or built are utilised in terrace retaining walls or free-standing feature garden walls as plinths to support good neighbour fencing, or as boundary walls for their properties that back out onto wild or vacant properties that will typically have fencing panels installed on top of them. Experts in fences Adelaide wide will typically suggest that retaining walls are a long term, highly durable solution to suit any fencing need or requirement.


Retaining walls are without a doubt the sturdiest options in outdoor walls and fences Adelaide professionals such as our partnered teams can provide for you, as they require hot-dipped galvanised posts to be driven deep into the ground and secured therein with fast setting concrete, before the concrete / stone sleepers or panels are installed between the posts and then sealed upon completion. Retaining walls are extremely durable and will withstand the very worst in weather conditions, temperature shifts, fire, frost, chemical exposure and the subtle shifting of the ground beneath them, as well as keeping out wild animals such as snakes or making it tough for foxes or dogs to burrow beneath them – provided they are installed correctly in the first place! That's why it's always a good idea to work with a retaining wall and fencing contractor Adelaide home owners can rely on, and get the job done right first time around, and for an expert, high quality job you can contact any of our professional teams with years of experience in fencing Adelaide properties just like yours. 

Installing new retaining walls Adelaide residents can trust to last the test of time can be an initially daunting task – there are a lot of different options out there, and it’s important to understand which options are right for you and your property! That’s where the teams of professional installers on our books come in – as the experts in fences Adelaide home owners call on for the best in retaining walls, our crews are happy to discuss your unique job and requirements with you in person, before analysing the most ideal and cost effective solution for your retaining wall needs. Once a solid understanding of your job has been formed and the team knows what needs to be done and how to do it, you'll have your full range of options discussed with you as well as a free, no-obligation quote, before a date is set and a full site preparation occurs so as to make sure your job gets done as efficiently and safely as possible. Just call or email using the contact details below to speak with a professional in Adelaide retaining walls today, and get your free quote organised asap.

For every single job, you'll receive:

  • Open communication to understand your needs

  • A free, no obligation quote on your job

  • Proper planning, assessment and preparation of the tools, materials and strategy to get your job done to perfection

  • Prompt arrival on site, with your job done efficiently and to the highest standard possible

  • Feedback and opportunities to discuss the job's progress, and a clean workspace once the work is done. 

Are you looking at creating a sturdy and strong retaining wall Adelaide home owners will be jealous of? Talk one of our professional teams of fencing contractors Adelaide residents rely on for all things fencing and retaining wall related, and discuss the requirements of your specific job in detail - email through at, or call on (08) 7914 8428, or leave your contact details in the above contact form, and one of our expert teams will help you with your free, no-obligation quote.

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