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Get expertise in installing, repairing and restoring fences Adelaide wide.


Are you in need of the highest quality wooden fence or picket fence Adelaide home owners can find? When you think wooden fencing or picket fencing, you probably have a ‘Stepford Wives’ type of image in your head – but far from being a cliché, there are many homes that utilise a wooden fence or picket fence Adelaide wide that enjoy safety, security, and a classic, timeless look that adds value to their house! Some businesses who work in fencing Adelaide homes are inflexible in their options, however if you want a wooden fence or a picket fence then don't hesitate to contact one of our expert installation teams, who can help you pick from a wide range of wooden screen fences, privacy screens, slat fences, post and rail fences and so much more!


As the professionals in fences Adelaide residents come to for jobs just like these, our linked fencing contractor teams know that wooden fencing is an equally worthy option to fulfil your fencing needs as any other – and when it comes to installation, repair and restoration of your wooden picket fence, every one of our experts is a fencing contractor Adelaide residents like you rely on to make your fence look like Hollywood quality. With services that are very affordable and the ability to work within any budget, contact one of our teams to speak with a fencing contractor Adelaide home owners trust, and get your free quote to see for yourself.

So, what possibilities are available to you? Well, that depends on what styles and options you feel best suit the look and feel of your property. As the experts in all timber and wooden fences Adelaide home owners trust, during the discussion stage our teams of installers can readily advise and install wooden screen fences, slat fences and post and rail fences - but for traditionalists, you can also have installed picket fences in the Regency, Windsor, Tulip, Half-round, Osborne or Point styles that will fit perfectly with a classical home aesthetic. If you’re more interested in a wooden paling fence instead, get in touch to discuss installing and replacing wooden palings of any custom size that are either lapped (timber palings sitting flush with each other) or gapped (timber palings set at regular intervals apart) made from either natural timber or pine and either stained, painted or sealed depending on your personal requirements. Just leave your details in the contact form below and you'll be contacted by an expert in fencing Adelaide homes and businesses with timber and picket fences who can provide you with a free quote on your upcoming job today.

Get your FREE fencing quote now - leave your details below for a prompt reply.


But how safe are wooden fences, timber fences and picket fences Adelaide wide? Well, we know that Colorbond is the ‘Christmas dinner,’ of fences, but don’t go thinking that wooden options such as pickets or palings wont make a worthy alternative. Lapped paling fences are sturdy and provide security and privacy to your home, whilst giving it a natural look that is a fraction of the cost of Colorbond or good neighbour  fencing, and gapped paling fences can be installed either into the ground or atop a retaining wall, as well as either vertically or horizontally, which offer great privacy and also allow air flow to your backyard. As the experts in fencing Adelaide homes and businesses just like yours, our teams of partnered fencing contractors confidently say that these wooden fences can be a great fencing option for your home or office.


If you’re interested in timber fencing Adelaide wide, then you probably already realise that there is no substitute for a good old fashioned timber fence that looks as timeless or authentic as real timber does. But the options for a new wooden fence or picket fence Adelaide home owners can choose from don’t stop at your typical white picket fence – our teams can advise, install and replace pickets, paling fences, wooden panel fences, wooden post and rail fencing and even wooden privacy screens, depending on your needs and budget. As the experienced professionals who have been fencing Adelaide homes and businesses for years, our crews are proud to use only using high quality materials on any jobs such as these, and are able to custom coat and seal your fences to protect them from the harsh Australian environment. In short: if you need a picket fence Adelaide residents will be envious of, reach out using the contact links below to speak with the professionals in timber and wooden fencing Adelaide wide who can make it happen!

Want to get your hands on the best wooden fence or picket fence Adelaide has to offer? As the experts in fencing Adelaide homes, any of the teams of fencing contractors on our books can help you – but those options aside, you can also have installed a wide selection of gates that will perfectly complement your home. Our gates are just like our fences – finished in a manner allowing them to withstand the wind, rain, heat and sun all year round. Got a job in mind? Need a free quote? Call of email through using the contact links below to speak with a fencing contractor Adelaide residents trust to get the job done right, and receive a free quote on your wooden fencing job asap. 

For every single job, we will:

  • Talk with you to understand your needs

  • Offer a free, no obligation quote on your job

  • Properly plan, assess and prepare our tools, materials and strategy to get your job done to perfection

  • Arrive when we say we will, and get the job done efficiently and to the highest standard possible

  • Talk to you and gain your feedback, and clean up our workspace when we are done

As the fencing contractors Adelaide residents trust, our teams do it all - so if you need the best in installation, repairs or restoration, contact the professionals in fences Adelaide home owners can rely on. and email through to, or call on (08) 7914 8428, or leave your details in the contact form above for your free, no-obligation quote today. 

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